Vacation Rentals

Vacations Rentals

Jaco Beach Condo Rentals From Lost Beach Vacations

A vacation should be a time of rejuvenation, exploration and adventure. It should not be a time of discomfort, irritation or boredom. All too often, luxury vacation getaways offer the same old thing. When you want to get away from it all, why settle for anything less than amazing? You don’t have to experience the same old thing, and with Lost Beach Condo rentals you won’t.

Home Away From Home

Staying in a condo or penthouse is more ideal than staying in a stuffy hotel room. We know how it feels to be in a hotel room—it’s nothing like home. When you stay in one of the many condos or penthouse suites of Lost Beach, you’ll feel like you’ve come home.

Stretch out on the couch and watch TV or check your email. Take a mid-afternoon nap on the luxuriously comfortable bed. If you feel up to it, make some of your own meals using fresh, savory ingredients from the local vendors right in your own fully-stocked opulent kitchen.

When you stay at a hotel, you have to leave your room to do anything fun. That isn’t the case with a condo. At Lost Beach rentals, you can enjoy a full breakfast on your patio or a relaxing massage on your balcony. There’s nothing better than getting a massage and then being able to climb right into a hot tub or your bed. A condo rental allows you to do just that and more!

Views Like Nowhere Else

Jaco, Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in Central America. Why settle for limited exposure to your glorious surroundings by staying in a hotel? Lost Beach condos or penthouses have a view you’ll never forget. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Besides views of the clear ocean waters, you’ll get to enjoy our magnificently designed courtyards and gardens.

These beautiful views surround you and allow you to soak in the loveliness of this tropical paradise. Sit on your balcony, sip some tea and allow your mind to wander. There is no better place to meditate and find yourself than in these glorious surroundings.

When you plan your next vacation, forget about staying in a hotel. Instead, try one of our many condos or penthouses. You’ll feel like you’ve come to your home away from home where you can relax and rejuvenate like never before.